Max N Fuze | Max N Fuse

Max N Fuze | Max N Fuse

A Revolutionary Breakthrough in Nutrient Absorption

Max N-Fuze ™, the third and newest product from Max International, represents a radical new approach to nutrient supplementation. This breakthrough, patent-pending product design represents the fusion of established science and forward-thinking nanotechnology to ensure your cells are receiving the nutrients they need to perform and communicate to their full potential

Why Most Vitamins Don’t Work

Getting the right nutrients on a daily basis is very difficult. Soils are depleted of vital trace elements, factory farming practices and over-processing has drastically reduced the nutrients available from food. Vitamin and mineral supplements have long been the solution but most are not absorbed into your body’s cells.

Most Vitamins exit your body without ever being utilized.

Decades ago, taking any dietary supplement was accepted as a novel way to give your body what it needs. We now know that just because you take a dietary supplement does not mean that your cells are efficiently absorbing the nutrients.

  • Consumption Does Not Guarantee Absorption
  • The Effectiveness of a Vitamin is Entirely Dependent Upon Absorption
  • If The Nutrient Is Not Delivered To The Cell, It Holds Little To No Value

The Essential Nutrients Delivered Directly To Your Cells

Max N-Fuze™ is a complete redefinition of effective nutrient-transport technology. Nano-activators work to optimize the cellular delivery of each ingredient. Max N-Fuze™ uses a patent-pending nanotechnology to efficiently deliver targeted nutrients that are readily absorbed and utilized by the cell. This breakthrough consists of wrapping nano-sized nutrients in a highly purified water cluster that easily delivers the nutrient particles to the cell.

Max N-Fuze™ Solves the Absorption Riddle

The Max system solves the problem of bioavailability by:

  • Reducing the Active Substance to Nano-Size (less than 100 nm in size)
  • Wrapping Each Nutrient in Nano-Sized Water Clusters For Rapid Absorption
  • Allowing Enhanced Passage Through The Cell Membranes

A Patent-Pending Delivery System

Until now, no technique has been successful at bonding the nutrient particle to a carrier while reducing the particle to a “cellular-ready” size. The Max Cellular Transport System accomplishes both and has been chosen by Max International as the means of providing the consumer with a product that is uniquely superior to the competition.

No Tall Tales, Just Hard Science

Only the Max Cellular Transport System process can create a stable water cluster capable of passing through the bloodstream directly into tissues at the cellular level.

Don’t be fooled. While some companies tout “nano” products, the size of their particles cannot meet the criteria (one dimension of the particle must be 100 nm or less) and therefore the term nano is simply an empty marketing term that can mislead less informed readers.

  • Allows enhanced passage through cellular membranes by encapsulating nano-sized particles within a highly purified water cluster for efficient absorption.
  • All three antioxidant protectors: superoxide dismutase, catalase and glutathione
  • D-ribose and CoQ10 to support ATP (energy) production and function
  • Promotes the body’s natural enzymes superoxide dismutase (SOD) and catalase (CAT), as well as Leptin sensitivity
  • Provides the nutrients to optimize glutathione (GSH) production
  • Delivers the essential vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients to support optimal cell function, communication and immune defense

The Whole Food Comparison

To find the equal value of nutrients in a single serving of Max N-Fuze™, you would have to consume:

  • 1 cup of spinach to equal the amount of vitamin A
  • 4 oranges to equal the amount of vitamin C
  • 8 glasses of milk to equal the amount of vitamin D
  • 6 pounds of avocados to equal the amount of vitamin E
  • 150 cloves of garlic to equal the amount of vitamin B-1
  • 6 cups of almonds to equal the amount of vitamin B-2
  • 5 large potatoes to equal the amount of niacin
  • 3 pounds of raw cauliflower to equal the amount of vitamin B-5
  • 70 eggs to equal the amount of vitamin B-6
  • 40 spears of asparagus to equal the amount of folate
  • 2 gallons of yogurt to equal the amount of vitamin B-12
  • 28.5 cups of Swiss chard to equal the amount of biotin
  • 3.5 pounds of raw tofu to equal the amount of selenium
  • 4.5 cups of green peas to equal the amount of zinc
  • 6 cups of garbanzo beans to equal the amount of manganese

Safe and Effective…Guaranteed!

Max N-Fuze™ is the newest demonstration of Max International’s continued commitment to provide breakthrough products with efficacy and safety. To signify this commitment, Max N-Fuze™ was subjected to vigorous safety testing at Clemson University. Additionally, Max International is a member of the Institute of Nutraceutical Research (INR).

The INR is a leading research group that consolidates the intellectual and physical resources of faculty at Clemson University and links these resources to South Carolina Nutrition Research Consortium (SCNRC) involving the South Carolina Research Authority, the University of South Carolina and the Medical University of SC in a unique partnership.

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